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TOONY STUDIO ACADEMY is an online 3D animation

and vfx school, it is a working commercial studio that trains.

The advantage is to work every day with professionals of the

industry, to integrate a studio to gain experience.

We teach by putting the student in a real production situation

It lets you know how to work in a real studio production

Team environment and we do it in a totally unique way.

We focus on your professional and practical skills

Instead of theoretical notes at the end of the term

When it is too late. You might want to know more about our training

progprograms? Visit our TOONY STUDIOS ACADEMY website"


1 month

20 class hours.


1 month

20 class hours.


1 month

20 class hours.


12 month

520 class hours.


6 month

250 class hours.


6 month

250 class hours.


8 month

650 class hours.


5 month

200 class hours.


6 month

250 class hours.

Personalized coaching at each stage,

open sessions live with your teachers

and frequent interactions. an immersive

and interactive learning experience.

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You are the part of the Toony Studios team

in order to put constant real situations

to apply what you learn to your own

business context guarantee a real

increase in your leaning curve!